Our shop offers welding, metal forming, plate, bar, angle, channel and pipe rolling, computer burning and punching, shearing, machining, drilling, automatic sawing and precise water jet cutting. The diverse machinery and services available allow most projects to be fully produced in house.

Our skilled metal craftsmen are cross-trained on several different pieces of equipment and our office staff is made up of some of the most knowledgeable people in the business.


New Pressure Vessels, Vessel Repair, API Storage Tanks, Towers, Tray Parts, Many Non-Ferrous Metals, Specialty Clamps, Pipe Supports, Isolation Blinds, Mounting Brackets, Control/ Junction Boxes, Formed Bellows, Bleeder Blinds, Demisters, Piping, Sumps, Weld Overlay, Mitered Elbows, Plate Flanges, Spargers, Sample Pots, Cage Ladders, Platforms Handrails, Round or Square Duct, Filter Housings, Equip Guards Cones, Transitions, Mitered Elbows, Large Bore Pipe, Aluminum


Flowline Iron, Pipe Clamps, Sand Separators, Skid Mounted Crew Quarters, Mud Tanks, Riser Clamps Hoppers, Workover Rig Parts, Rolled Doublers, Skids, Personnel Baskets, Drilling Rig Parts, Cargo Baskets, Pipe Racks, Crimped Plate Wind Walls, Conductor Guide Cones, Manifold Trailer Parts


Base Plates, Structural Steel, Flashing, Formed Gutters


Bar stock, Cut plate, Water jet cutting


Custom Plate Burning/Etching, Plate Forming-Hull, Knuckle, Boxes, Stanchions & Stair Treads


Tank Bottoms, Nozzles, Annular Rings, Manways, Sketch Plates


Shell cans, Davit arms, Base rings, Name plate brackets, Saddle supports, Re-pads, Lifting lugs, Ladder clips, Baffles, Tube sheets Ladders, Platforms, Insulation rings, Tray support rings, Downcomers

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